Natalie Paige

Natalie Paige is a Seattle-based singer-songwriter originally from Kingston, Rhode Island. She's released two E.Ps (available on Spotify) "Piece of Me" and "West Coast E.P" and is currently planning her first full-length album to be released Winter 2018. After moving to Washington Summer 2017, she found Anthony Lee Phillips while finding her voice in the Seattle community and has since been focusing her musical endeavors in Eve&Day; while this duo project is going full-speed with new music and releases, we can expect more out of her solo career in 2019.


Anthony Lee Phillips

Anthony Lee Phillips is a singer-songwriter based in Seattle, WA. His full profile, background, releases, and events can be found on his website! Visit www.AnthonyLeePhillips.com. You can find his music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.